Making Spokane Your Home

Start the Home Buying Process

Receiving the keys to your Spokane home is an exhilarating feeling. It is the place where all your new hopes and dreams reside. It is also the reward for getting through the grueling process of house hunting, negotiating, and proper paperwork. Getting to move-in day, when you finally settle into a house that you love, requires patience, perseverance, and teamwork.  

Having a local real estate agent guide you through the process lets you enjoy the exciting moments of this often stress-filled journey. Working together, we will find the home that is just right for you, in a neighborhood that suits your lifestyle, and at a price that fits your budget. The Spokane area is a wonderful place to plant roots, offering an affordable, friendly place to live, work, and play. The metro area spreads for 30 miles, spanning trendy districts, family-filled neighborhoods, resort communities, and rural acreage. 

In recent years, the Spokane housing market has been strong. Averaging 900 MLS listings every month in 2019, buyers have a range of homes to choose from. Labeled as a red-hot housing market, houses are sometimes off the market within 24 hours. This means you must act fast when a property catches your eye.

Get Prepared to Buy a Home

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or veteran at picking up properties, a real estate transaction is one of the most important financial decisions of your life. Finding the right realtor in Spokane is vital to making sure you get the best investment. When you work with Jennifer Felice, you get a knowledgeable and skilled broker who understands the area, so you can make an informed decision. We will find the right house for your family.  Be patient. I want you to be happy. If it takes seeing 50 homes, then I will be by your side the entire time.

Here are my top three tips for getting ready to buy a home:

  • Get preapproved. This allows us to know exactly how much you can afford, move quickly, and improve your negotiating position. Your mortgage typically cannot exceed 28% of your monthly income, and there are many options for financing a home loan and down payment. In 2019, the median home price in Spokane hit $260,000 in 2019, but there are properties available ranging from $100,000 fixer-uppers to million-dollar mansions with epic views. If you still need to connect with a credit counselor or lender, then I can recommend several local people who I trust.

  • Find a buyer’s agent you trust. There is no room for personality conflicts during this process, so talk to a few realtors to find out who you vibe best with. Make sure they know their stuff about local laws, inspections, taxes, and utility costs. You also want someone who is tenacious in negotiating the best price and terms for you and gives candid advice on the home best suited to your needs.

  • Set realistic expectations. The first rule of house hunting is to know your needs as they relate to the home’s size, features, location, and commute as well as accessibility to schools, shopping, and entertainment. The second rule is that you must be willing to embrace some imperfections and make compromises somewhere. Don’t reject a house because of surface reasons. With a few simple, imaginative changes, a house can easily become more suitable for you and increase in value.